The Chickenados are a neighborhood robotics team from Seattle, Washington. We’re composed of eight sophomores and juniors from various high schools.

Meet the Entire Team:


This is Jonah’s third year on the Chickenados. Jonah is our main driver, and also works on the hardware team. Outside of practice, you could find him playing soccer, or hanging out with friends!


This is Annalise’s second year on the team! She works on the outreach and hardware teams, and when she’s not with the Chickenados, you can find her playing ultimate frisbee or soccer.


This is Sonja’s second year with the Chickenados. Sonja is a member of the drive team, and also works with the hardware team! When she’s not at practice, you can find her at soccer and ultimate practice or being a couch potato.


This is Claire’s third year on the Chickenados, and she’s excited to develop her programming skills. Claire is our programming lead, and enjoys spending late nights perfecting our autonomous. Claire loves the outdoors, and you can often find her swimming, biking, or playing the piano. 


This is Anna’s fourth year on the Chickenados, and seventh year in the FIRST program! She’s the team captain, as well as the drive captain. When she’s not working with Claire on autonomous, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, golf, and violin.


This is Maggie’s second year on the Chickenados! She primarily works on the outreach team, and also runs our Instagram (@chickenadosrobotics)! When she’s not with the Chickenados, she enjoys playing soccer and guitar.


This is Alastair’s first year with the team! He’s a member of the hardware team, and also our human player in matches. When he’s not building, you can find him playing soccer. 


This is Simon’s first year with the Chickenados! He’s excited to be a part of our software team. Outside of robotics, you can find him playing tennis or trumpet. 


Thank you to our amazing coaches and mentors!

PHIL – Coach

BILL – Coach

JAMES – Mentor, and former Chickenado!


The Chickenados are in our sixth year competing in the First Tech Challenge (FTC). Before that, we competed in the First Lego League (FLL). Here are links to our previous seasons:

The Invincibears merged with the Chickenados in 2017. They also competed in the FLL: