the challenge

FTC Relic Recovery video

The major tasks in the Relic Recovery game are:

  • place Glyphs (6″ foam cubes in brown and gray) into Cryptoboxes (a 3 x 4 vertical grid) according to Ciphers (a pattern of brown and gray),
  • place Relics (large plastic figurines) in the Recovery Zone (a goal area outside the playing field),
  • knock the opponents Jewel (a colored whiffle ball) off a stand,
  • park the robot on a Balancing Stone (an unstable square platform).

We had to score cubes made of stiff foam in a CryptoBox. During Autonomous Vuforia Images were introduced. These images could be used to help the robot find its location on the field. They were also used during Autonomous to signal teams which column to place a glyph in. We made a great robot, much faster than other robots. Our Autonomous was strong but inconsistent.


our robot

Our robot has a holonomic drivetrain using mecanum wheels, a deployable tail, and dual independent Glyph grabbers.